Groups that Occupied the Land of York College Prior to 1960

The creation of this exhibit came with the initiative in taking a deeper dive into the history of York College prior to 1960 when it became a four-year institution as well as its relationship to the communities in the surrounding area. To do this we examined three essential topics; 1. York College and its potential relationship to the “Great Migration,” and neighborhood deterioration, 2. Slavery in York prior to 1960 and its potential roots to the York College, and 3. York County land, the existence of Indigenous people, and if there is any overlap here at YCP. To do this, we conducted various forms of research. Through our critical analysis, we discovered that there indeed was a link between York College and slavery, the great migration, and the existence of Indigenous people. Ultimately when looking at the past history of York College, it is impossible to note the impact of these various groups on the land that is the college today.