York Junior College 61’ - 68’

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York Junior College 61’ - 68’

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The York Dispatch - The The Court of Common Pleas of York County, Pennsylvania
York Junior College petitioned to mortgage and sell the Collegiate Institute property “on the east side of South Duke Street.

The Gazette and Daily - The Old YCI "Doomed Landmark"
York Gazette and Daily newspaper page about the old YCI campus before it was torn down.

The Gazette and Daily - Old School Revisited
Alumni visits the YCI front steps before the building is torn down.

York Gazette and Daily - York College is Growing
Additional construction on the current campus’ gymnasium (currently the humanities building).

Gazette and Daily - YJC To Dedicate Campus Where 1,860 Study
Description of the current campus and classes offered.

The York Dispatch - Last Glimpses of a Familiar York Landmark
Images and description of the destruction of the tower at the YCI

York Junior College Brochure 1960
A 1960 brochure advertising York Junior College

York Daily Record - 1,800 At York Junior College Dedication
The current campus is dedicated. Note the headlines on the same page that do not match the college’s values.

The York Dispatch
The original York Academy building built in 1787.
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